Isn’t Blockchain Secure?

Blockchain itself is thought to be inherently secure, however, that isn’t entirely true. A blockchain is composed of and connected to various components that introduce vulnerabilities to the overall system. We’ll describe what blockchain security is, explain popular blockchain hacks, and provide some personal experiences.


Mr. Chandhok is an experienced Cybersecurity professional and CEO of Ledgerops. He has over 10 years of technical experience starting in the defense industry as a Cyber Threat Hunter and Analyst. He has since worked as a Software Developer, Security Analytic Developer, Security Assessor, and Penetration Tester in both the federal contracting and commercial spaces. He has combined his expertise in security with his passion for Blockchain and helps leading blockchain companies stay secure. During his free time, Ajay enjoys playing basketball, lifting weights, and snowboarding around the globe.


Sexpionage and other erotic games!

We will be discussing a variety of techniques to enhance your intimate and outside life. Discover how you can use your natural skills to enhance your bedroom aptitude. This will also include tales of those who have used their prowess to change their circumstances and world.


Jai Simone, dubbed the luxury car of poets for her power and performance has been seen on countless stages, from S.O.B’s in New York to the Amphitheater in Honolulu. Creator and CEO of Ki.S.S., Kinky.Sexy.Smart., a company dedicated to helping others discover the best versions of themselves, she is committed to spreading love, education and revolutionary ways of attaining success.This dynamic artist and activist is a keynote speaker and teaches workshops on finding your voice, healing through art, empowerment and sensuality/sexuality.

Who Wants to Own a Brewery?

From home brewers to production brewery… hear how one family turned a passion into a business. Representatives from Old Ox Brewery will share the ups and downs of running a brewery, the growth of the beer industry in Loudoun County and about some new developments in brewing (all while tasting some Old Ox specialty beers!).  This interactive session will feature a beer trivia quiz.

old ox.jpg

Note:  This session requires sign-ups (will be available at registration).  It is free to attend, but we are requesting donations ($1, $5, $10…whatever you’d like to give) to support the 4 B’s charity program.  BATH, BRUSH, BOOK & BED (The 4 Bs) for 300 underserved children ages 3 -5 years of age during the month of April.  The goal is to encourage parents and their children to develop daily healthy habits including their child getting a bath, brushing their teeth, and a parent reading aloud to their child before their child’s bedtime.  MWM’s goals are to gather 300 toothbrushes, 300 children’s books, 300 duckies or bars of soap, and make 300 pillowcases.  Any donations will go to support 4 B’s.

Tattooing and the Journey from Nerdom

Jair is the owner/operator of Vodou Tattoos in Pasadena, MD. He has been tattooing for over 20 years, and has been a pop culture nerd for most of his life. From comic books to Dungeons and Dragons, from toys to video games…. he loves it all.


Jair will be discussing what it meant to be a nerd when he was young and what it means now… especially it relates to tattooing. He’ll be sharing some of his favorite photos of tattoos that he’s inked on some of his more interesting clientele, as well as some of the weird and humorous stories that go with them.