General Information

Q:  What are the pricing tiers?

A: $95 full weekend through March 31st, $100 full weekend through July 31st, and $110 walk-in (after July 31st).  Daily rates (Fri only, Sat only, Sun only) and Child weekend prices will not change.

Q: What if I just want to come for an hour?

A: You can join for only an hour, but you still need to register for at least the full day you want to attend…. so you might as well enjoy the full day you’re paying for 🙂

Q: What meals are included in the full weekend rates?

A: Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch, and Sunday breakfast.

Q: Will hospitality be open during Saturday night dinner so I can have other foods?

A: Only light hospitality (snacks, etc) will be available.

Q: How are minors handled?

A: Since we don’t have a kid’s program, minors (under 18) must be accompanied in the RG space (speaker rooms, hospitality, games).  They must be accompanied by a registered (paid) adult.

Q: Do I have to decide now if I want Saturday night dinner?

A: No, but the number of meals is limited and tickets sold out last year! We’ll let you know when we determine the last date you can place your order for the meal.

Q: If I paid for the full weekend, but didn’t want the dinner, can I still listen to the keynote speaker?

A: Unfortunately no, due to space restrictions, only attendees with tickets to the dinner are eligible to attend the keynote.

Q: Why is the Saturday night dinner a separate purchase?

A: Many members have requested this option. RG budgets are difficult, at best, but we worked to find a way to offer this separate dining option for RG attendees who wanted to enjoy the RG but preferred to have other dinner options on their own.

Q: Will the Saturday night dinner be worth it?

A: We think so! But, then again, worth is all relative. That’s a decision you’ll have to make for yourself. We can tell you that we are working closely with the hotel to provide a quality meal.

Q: Are dinner tickets or registrations refundable?

A: Refunds will be issued if you need to cancel before 6/30/2019 with a 10% fee, or you can choose to transfer your registration to next year.  Any cancellations after (7/1/2019 onwards) will transfer to next year as long as they’re requested a week before the RG begins.

Q: What about my special meal requirements?

A: Hospitality will offer snack options for a variety of dietary choices/needs. Options will be available for omnivores, vegetarians, and those eating gluten-free.  Meal options will include items for omnivores and vegetarians (gluten-free is available for the banquet only if requested before August 1, 2019). Attempts to minimize cross contamination will be made, but cannot be assured. We cannot guarantee that any particular dietary need will be met.


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